Love to deliver user focused, elegant, and data-driven solutions

I bring together Design Thinking, Empathy, User Experience Design, User Research, Business Design, Protyping, Intuitive Mind and Technical Skills, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Methods, Analytical Mind



I love to deliver user focused, elegant, and data-driven solutions. Through work experiences, complementary degrees, and passion, I build skills in 4 key domains for the Digital Era.

Marketing Tech

Marketing Tech

My passion for digital services and marketing made MarTech a sweet spot. In most of my experiences, I've been at the heart of either choosing, implementing or deploying tools or platforms to help business units achieve their goals.

High analytical skills, combined with Marketing specialization and Tech background, helps me to grow in this field.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Intelligent usage of data is the root of most business decisions, notably in marketing and digital services.

Quantitative skills in Statistics, experience in Artificial Intelligence, years of programming, and background in IT makes me feel comfortable with data and analytical tasks. Business understanding acquired at ESSEC and as Product Manager taught me to identify business drivers, and develop actionable recommendations.

User eXperience Design

UX Design

Through experiences as Product Developer and Manager, I grasped that User eXperience design will become a must-have.

In 2024, I trained in Design Thinking and User-Centered Design tools and methods in a one year program by Strate college design, Centrale Paris, and ESSEC. Since then, I have applied it in various occasions and projects.

My UX expertise encompasses User Research, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, and rapid Prototyping.

Product Management

Product Management

I learned to foster product development through the complete life-cycle, from need-finding to post-production. I love to craft and deliver new products and innovative experiences.

Knowledge and experience in Marketing Technology, Agile Project Management, UX Design, and Business Analytics bring various perspectives, and help in the decision-making process.

Enthusiast about other people's disciplinary, attentative listener, I learned to bring a wide set of skills, tools and thinking together.
All in all, I see business in Digital Era a little differently .





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